About Fort Scott

The perfect place to Relax. Renew. Reconnect. Relive.

Our Story

Founded in 1842, Fort Scott was part of the Western Frontier, Bleeding Kansas, and the Civil War.

Now Fort Scott welcomes visitors from around the world, offering them the opportunity to relax from a hectic life. Renew your mind and spirit with spa services ro yoga. Reconnect with nature. Or relive the amazing history from years past in Fort scott!

Start unwinding this weekend! Call us for more information at 620.223.3566.


The community of Fort Scott invites you to experience their hospitality, history and highlights. Fort Scott doesn’t want you to visit us just once. Fort Scott wants this to be the place you return to, again and again.

Ally Turvey

Tourism Manager

When you call or arrive in person at our Visitors Center, it will be me introducing you to Fort Scott. I can put together a day trip itinerary or plan your entire weekend here in The Fort!