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Hit the SEK Ale Trail

Hit the SEK Ale Trail

Like us, you may have spent the last few months drinking your beer at home. After all, it’s quiet, it’s cozy, and the TV only plays your favorite shows. But no offense… you need to get out of your house and out into the world, if only for the day! So grab a few of your best pals, and your favorite face mask if you wish, and hit the SEK Ale Trail! These breweries are quiet, they’re clean, and they’re far, far away from the hustle and bustle of those big city brewery crowds!

Sure, we may be partial.. but our favorite SEK Brewery? Fort Scott’s own, The Boiler Room Brewhaus! It’s a local hotspot, and not to brag, but did we mention it’s SEK’s FIRST microbrewery?

BRB .. It’s just your classic farmers turned brewers tale..
Once upon a time Bryan and Barbara Ritter left the big city in search of a quiet life out on the farm. Why you ask? To help save the honeybees of course!

Fast forward five years and the Ritter’s have a farm complete with cows, chickens, sheep, and you guessed it, honeybees! But the success of Black Dogs Farm wasn’t enough for the Ritters. No, they wanted to make their mark on Fort Scott. Historic, Downtown Fort Scott to be exact.

SEK Ale Trail

And do you know what is even better than the fresh, local honey produced out on the farm? The Hives Secret Hefeweizen that Bryan creates on site at BRB featuring that honey! We’ll admit we love the beer.. like maybe too much.. please don’t judge us. But Bryan & Barbara are what make this downtown brewery a can’t miss destination in Southeast Kansas!

We’ll get to the point here.. If you’re checking out the brewery scene on the SEK Ale Trail, you CAN’T miss a stop at the Boiler Room Brewhaus in downtown Fort Scott! Just take our word for it okay?

Oh, and while you’re in Fort Scott be sure to check out everything else this little town has to offer!

If after arriving at BRB you for some crazy reason think you need to check out another SEK brewery.. we’ll totally forgive your betrayal. But we’ll NEVER forget..

The Jolly Fox is one of two microbreweries located in Pittsburg. The owners love for their community, and well, brewing beer obviously.. led them to open this new local favorite. If you’re in Pittsburg take some time to ‘get jolly’.

Side note: We’re not sure who needs to hear this.. but this place has Chicken and Waffles, and they are to die for! You’re welcome.

Hit the SEK Ale Trail

Drop the H Brewing Company touts itself as a ‘one-of-a-kind brewery and restaurant.’ Named for Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Pittsburg, Kansas ‘dropped the H’ in the late 1800s. One-hundred-and-twenty years later, Drop the H Brewing Company arrived on the scene with a mission – Craft Beer, Craft Pizza, Craft Experience!

Indy Brew Works is nestled in the heart of Downtown Independence. We’ll be entirely honest here… it’s new, and we don’t know a lot about it yet. But it is in SEK, and it’s on our list to check out! So we think you should too!

TJ’s Brew Distillery is a can’t miss spot in Parsons. Okay, so it’s not technically a brewery… but why would you want to miss out on SEK’s only wine label AND distillery?  If you ask us, it’s a winning combo! Even if there isn’t actually any beer..

SEK Ale Trail

There you have it, the SEK Ale Trail. Trust us, you’re gonna love it. And let’s face it.. you could use a day out. Don’t waste time, hit the SEK Ale Trail today!