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Girlfriends Getaway Weekend

Fort Scott KS 66701

Girlfriends Getaway Weekend

Girlfriends Getaway Weekend is the perfect time to grab your girls and spend a weekend together!

According to Vela Adventures there are 5 reasons for a Girlfriends Getaway Weekend, and in our opinion, your should spend that weekend getaway with the girlfriends in Fort Scott, Kansas.

1. Being Silly
It can sometimes be difficult to grab that rare opportunity to be silly. What, with all the to-do list items, chores and errands there is not much time left in the day to give your serious side a rest and let the sillies take over. However, when you have escaped with just the girls there are plenty of chances to do things you wouldn’t do on a daily basis. Dance like no one is watching, race shopping carts through the grocery store or tell corny jokes that are a lot funnier after a couple of drinks. Letting go of all things serious and embracing your silly side is an instant youth serum!

2. Laughter
Not only does laughter burn calories it also triggers an increase of endorphins, your body’s feel-good chemicals. After one hearty belly laugh, you have just relieved stress, relaxed your body and even improved your circulation for the next 45 minutes. Now, imagine the health benefits of an entire weekend spent sharing laughs and giggles with your girlfriends. A spike in relaxation, happiness and all-around good feelings is a great benefit after a girls’ weekend.

3. Girl Talk
There’s something to be said about being able to vent, to complain, to debate issues that only we women can really understand. From juggling life’s everyday tasks to child-rearing to relationships to home decorating to fashion to workout routines – you can really delve into everything on your mind (or even things that weren’t) with like-minded women. Two days of girl talk can leave you with a feeling of clarity for no other reason than just getting everything off your chest to women who appreciate and understand.

4. Self Esteem
Are there any better cheerleaders than a great group of girl friends? They can help you erase self-doubt, they can lend an ear when you need someone to listen, they tell you that you look fabulous after just having a baby and, most importantly, they love you for being you. It’s an awesome self-esteem booster to leave a weekend spent with a group of women who like being with you, who care about you and who want you to be happy.

5. Happiness
The most important benefit of a girls’ weekend, I think. There are so many things we women can be happy about in our everyday life. Our health, our jobs, our families. But, after a weekend away from all of that you return with a better appreciation for what makes you happy. Having explored your silly side, laughed until your sides hurt, indulged in girl talk and had the great opportunity to feel loved and appreciated, true happiness lends to opening your heart and mind to what other paths of happiness can be explored in your everyday life.




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