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Celebrating the 1st Kansas Colored Infantry

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A new mural is coming to downtown Fort Scott in remembrance of the 1st Kansas Colored Infantry.

The Downtown Chamber division will facilitate the mural’s creation in honor of the 1st Kansas Colored Infantry Regiment. This public art project will offer one artist the unique opportunity to showcase their original art in the historic district of downtown Fort Scott. The chosen mural will be painted on the exterior building wall facing the National Historic site, where the group was sworn in and was the first African-American regiment to fight against the Confederacy in the Civil War. The artwork will remain the property of the City of Fort Scott.

For request for proposal, please submit the following:

  • Mural sketch including the following:
  • At least three soldiers from the 1st Kansas Colored Infantry
  • Representation of the Regimental Flag
  • Examples of previous work/exhibitions
  • Artist Contact and design concept form found here

Mural Location

The selected mural will be painted on the Star Clothing building, 19 North Main Street, on the north wall facing the National Historic site. Mural size will be 25′ x 12′, covering the existing mural (see image below).


All proposals are due by 11:59 pm on Monday, May 29, 2023, and must be submitted via the Visit Fort Scott web page dedicated to the mural. Late or incomplete proposals will not be accepted. All proposals will be reviewed by a panel of African-American consultants to ensure the mural is culturally sensitive, and then proposals will be judged blind by a panel of local artists, historians, and stakeholders. The winning proposal will be announced on Juneteenth (June 19, 2023). The winning artists must be prepared to have their murals installed no later than September 30, 2023.

Proposals not selected may be invited to participate in a special art show hosted by the Artificers Gallery in Fort Scott, KS, to be held in January of 2024. Additionally, any proposal submitted may be used for marketing purposes by the City of Fort Scott or the Fort Scott Chamber. The artist will be cited for their work.

Selection Process and Criteria

One artist will be selected by a panel of local judges comprised of local artists, historians, and community stakeholders. Criteria will include artistic merit, historical appropriateness, and how well the subject will translate to a mural.


The Fort Scott Chamber Foundation is a 501c3, has opened the call for artists, and is open to any Kansas resident willing to submit a proposal that can complete the requirements as specified, including the design and installation of the mural. Any design that includes advertising, soliciting, campaigning, or any other promotional or commercially-driven entries is ineligible.

Artist Compensation

The chosen artist will be compensated through a payment of at least $5,000, which is intended as a design fee and will be paid at the completion of the mural. The selected artist will also a given a daily per diem during the project period (up to seven days) for meals/lodging if travel accommodations are required for the project. Project material costs will be covered up to $5,000 by The Fort Scott Chamber Foundation in addition to the artist fee. The artist fee could be more than the amount listed if additional funds are raised through crowdsourcing.


It is essential that each artist submitting a proposal for the new mural in remembrance of the 1st Kansas Colored Infantry understands the significance and cultural impact of this historic regiment. The 1st Kansas Colored Infantry was the first African-American regiment to fight against the Confederacy in the Civil War, and their bravery and determination challenged societal norms and inspired future generations. The mural should accurately depict the events and characters involved in this important chapter of American history, while also capturing the spirit of the regiment and their impact on the nation. The mural will be a prominent feature in the historic district of downtown Fort Scott, near the National Historic site where the regiment was sworn in. By creating a mural that accurately reflects the history and cultural heritage of the area, artists have the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy in Fort Scott and contribute to the community’s cultural heritage.

We encourage artists to conduct their own research on the history and heroism of the regiment, but to jumpstart your research attached are some helpful links to the story of the First Kansas Volunteer Colored Infantry:

More Information

The artist agrees that the City of Fort Scott and the Fort Scott Chamber may reproduce images of the mural for non-commercial, educational, and promotional purposes and will credit the artist. Please note that during the project, the street will continue to be accessible to the public. During the mural installation, the Fort Scott Chamber Foundation will organize community engagement activities such as live-stream social media events, artist meet and greets, and artist interviews.

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