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Follow the Falls to Fort Scott

Follow the Falls to Fort Scott

Follow the Falls to Fort Scott.

KANSAS… A flyover state… Hundreds of miles of flat Earth…

We know that’s what you’re thinking! And in certain parts of Kansas you wouldn’t be wrong.. But it’s time to discover a different Kansas, Southeast Kansas! Resting on the Northwestern tip of the Ozark Region, SEK is well, different.. I guess we mentioned that already.. There are rolling hills, winding roads, scenic views, and waterfalls! There’s no place like Kansas y’all!

You’ve spent enough time at home, so now you’ve got to be up for a roadtrip! To help you out with the planning we’ve put together a list of our favorite SEK waterfalls, (What can we say, it’s our blog, so we get to play favorites here.) now it’s time for you to follow the falls to Fort Scott!

Let’s start with Butcher Falls. It’s located on a sprawling 8,000 acre ranch in Sedan. It’s beautiful, it’s rugged, and it’s rock bank walls make it one of Kansas’s more impressive waterfalls.

Follow the Falls to Fort Scott

We know we said this was a blog about waterfalls, but we can’t get enough of of the bridge that leads the way to these beautiful falls!

Follow the Falls to Fort Scott

Your next stop is Altoona, KS.

Altoona Mill Falls is a bit smaller in comparison to your previous stop. But no less impressive! It’s located just South of Kansas Hwy 47, on the Verdigris River. We admit it’s the old Mill that caught our eye on this one. Built in the 1870’s there is admittedly not much left of this old flour mill. But if you’re a history lover with a passion for the great outdoors, this is definitely the spot for you!

Follow the Falls to Fort Scott

Your next stop is in Bourbon County. Bourbon County Falls to be exact.

This 30’ waterfall is nothing short of spectacular! It’s visible through the trees from the gravel road, but may we recommend a short walk? It’s less than 100 hundred yards, over a small stream, down a path to this can’t miss view.

Follow the Falls to Fort Scott

Once you’re back on the road, it’s finally time to head to Fort Scott! Hence, ‘Follow the Falls to Fort Scott’… You see where we were going with that now?

We’ve already mentioned that we love a beautiful bridge, and the arch bridge in Fort Scott is no exception. Did we mention it’s on the way to the next waterfall?

At this point it’s time for a slight detour. Because if you’ve made it this far, you’re probably getting pretty hungry. Take our advice, and skip the fast food this time; Instead grab lunch where the locals go! We have more than enough places to choose from! See the full list.

No roadtrip would be complete without a stop at a roadside diner! NuGrille opened in 1946 and offers the classic diner food you’ve been craving! Cheeseburgers.. hand cut french fries.. pie.. cinnamon rolls… Oh, the cinnamon rolls… Maybe you’re thinking a cinnamon roll is kind of overkill at this point.. you would be wrong!

If you would rather stick to the great outdoors, may we suggest a picnic? Marsha’s Deli is a local favorite. It’s nothing fancy, but the food is awesome, the locals are friendly, and the staff is always smiling.

And as our favorite Yelp review points out – “Where else can you get a sandwich that weighs as much as a small dog, a soda, a bag of chips and a cookie for under $10?” Need we say more?

You’re not going to find a better place for a picnic than Gunn Park. Whether you grab a blanket and pick a spot in the grass near the water, or grab a picnic table in the rock shelter house, this is the perfect, quiet spot for a peaceful outdoor meal. Did someone say social distancing??

Shelter Houses | Fort Scott, KS

After lunch, it’s time to get back on the road! We have one last stop for you, and it’s our favorite waterfall on the list! We tend to be partial to attractions in our neck of the woods… Plus we already admitted to playing favorites here. Located on the Marmaton River, and surrounded by deep woods, Rock Creek serves as a habitat for wildlife as well as a quiet haven for fishermen, canoeists and campers.

Follow the Falls to Fort Scott
Follow the Falls to Fort Scott

After a long day spent following the falls to Fort Scott don’t hesitate to call it a night. We’ve got plenty of great hotels to choose from! Find out where to stay.