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Black Dogs Farm

351 230th St Garland KS 66741

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Black Dogs Farm

Black Dogs Farm started up in 2010 in Garland, Kansas.

We’re Black Dog Farm, and we’re here to solve the bee crisis. And rescue dogs. And shear sheep. And basically anything else we feel like doing on our family-owned-and-operated farm. After a Netflix documentary and inflight magazine convinced us to be part of the solution in saving bees, we moved to Garland, Kansas and became beekeepers. And dog rescuers. And sheep shearers. And, well, you get it.

Today Bryan and Barbara live on Black Dogs Farm full-time and continue to support the honeybee population by maintaining hives on the behalf of fellow bee activists all over the country. They are passionate about providing locally made goods to the people of Kansas City, and hope to inspire others that it’s never too late to do what you love!

While we might promise good, clean fun, we can’t promise that the fun will literally be clean. You may get some dirt on your shoes. Because, you know, this is a farm.

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