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Treasure Hunting in Fort Scott

Treasure Hunting in Fort Scott… When you’re stuck at home with no place to go, there is nothing quite like online shopping. You pick out lots of goodies, and a few days later packages arrive for you to unwrap, try on, show off, and often times.. sadly, send back.. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE to online shop. If online shopping were an Olympic sport, I would get my hands on that gold medal Every. Single. Time. But there’s just something so thrilling about spending an afternoon wandering down a brick street, strolling in and out of one-of-a-kind shops in Fort Scott.

Let’s face it, you could spend hours mindlessly scrolling through mass produced garments and decor. Or you could get out of your home, and head some place a bit quirkier. When treasure hunting in Fort Scott, you’ll discover those unique pieces that just scream YOU!

If you’re home is in need of a refresh, Barbara Trimbur at Iron Star Antiques & Such is your girl! This massive store, is nothing if not a decorator’s paradise. Think antique shop, meets Pier 1, meets World Market. All stores, we absolutely love of course, so why not check out the place that somehow managed to bring elements of all of them together under one roof?

Sunshine Boutique is your go to shop for one-of-a-kind gifts. Don’t know what to get your mother in law for Christmas? Drawing a blank of the perfect gift for your step daughter’s Sweet 16? Sunshine has all that covered and more! Yes, you heard me right, whether their 16 or 60, this place has THE perfect gift! Their new boutique clothing shop is a can’t miss destination on this shopping extravaganza!

While were on the subject of clothes, you simply MUST visit Bids & Dibs! It’s a modern resale boutique filled with furnishings fashion, and FUN! Side Note: If you just can’t break away from online shopping, this one has you covered with their new online store! Shop online today at Bids & Dibs.

It wouldn’t be a true Treasure Hunt in Fort Scott without a stroll through Treasure Hunt Flea Market. And I need you to take this one really seriously.. This place has an INSANE amount of antiques and collectibles. I’m talking legit, full-on treasure hunt here people!there’s just something so thrilling about spending an afternoon wandering down a brick street, strolling in and out of one-of-a-kind shops, & boutiques.

Main St. Gallery & Gifts is yet another Flea Market in Downtown Fort Scott. It’s two story building features everything from clothes, to shoes, to d├ęcor, to furniture, I’ve even spotted beer making supplies in there a time or two. You can’t NOT find something amazing at this gem.

Trader Dave’s is a true one-of-a-kind. Personally, I like to think of it as the ‘man store.’ Whether you’re searching for a gift for dear ol’ dad, or you’ve just managed to drag your unsuspecting husband along on this shopping adventure, this is the perfect spot for them! Dave’s has way more inventory then I could ever attempt to list… but heck I’ll still give it a shot! Think vintage military garb, antique fishing lures, car memorabilia galore, antique weapons, primitives, and so, so much more!

Downtown Fort Scott has not one, but two incredible bookstores! Maybe you choose to visit just one, maybe you hit them both, totally up to you. Books & Grannies is all about the used books, like thousands of them… Hedgehog.INK! on the other hand has a little bit of everything, from used and new books, cards, candles, and more. Oh, and did we mention they often feature locally made products?!?

Put your phone down! Let go of that online shopping habit. Instead, take a trip to Fort Scott, KS to do a little treasure hunting in our historic downtown!

And as if you needed more reasons to go for a treasure hunt in Fort Scott, we also have a big Sidewalk Sale coming up! Who doesn’t love a sale? * Learn more!*

Fort Scott has so many more interesting shops to check out on your visit. Find all the boutiques & shops in Fort Scott.